Excuse me Dave, where is your mandate for cuts?

Today, councils up and down the country will learn how much funding they’ll receive from the government. Big cuts are expected, no surprise there. Over four years, a 15 per cent reduction in council spending is expected with 140,000 council jobs lost.

But why such little public outrage at cuts which voters never gave permission for?

During the run up to the election, Vince Cable was very clear. He supported Labour’s view of cutting the deficit at less speed and less brutality than the Conservatives.

The result was Labour winning 8,595,341 votes, Lib Dems securing 6,822,741 of public votes and the Tories managing to get support from 10,692,131 voters. A clear win for David Cameron and his party.

But, in reality, it is a result which shows 52% of voters supporting the reduction deficit plans of Labour and the Liberal Democrats with David Cameron’s reduction deficit plans receiving only 36% of the public support.

When the Lib Dems entered coalition with the Conservatives, this all changed with a dramatic change of mind on how the deficit should be reduced, giving David Cameron and George Osborne license to implement the cuts they wanted.

But the coalition government simply have no mandate for the cuts. More than half of the electorate voted against the policies we are now seeing. And the only reason the Tories are able to make such savage cuts is because they are supported by a party who’s voters were very clear in that they didn’t want the cuts proposed by the Conservatives prior to the election.


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