Clegg and Cameron friendship blossoms at the expense of progress

In the last couple of days, it’s emerged that things aren’t as friendly within the coalition as the Lib Dems and Tories would have us believe. Vince Cable has been recorded making it clear he could walk away from the government and today other Lib Dem MP’s have been caught revealing their displeasure at the big decisions.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that Lib Dem members are feeling unsettled about the direction Nick Clegg is taking the party in.

Clegg and Cameron have become good friends outside of politics. Clegg helped Cameron build a cabinet in Downing Street, they text each other and play tennis together. Put bluntly, this is not a progressive left of centre party leader opposing right wing ideology. This is a close friendship with a Liberal Democrat leader happy to support the right wing ideology of a friend.

Clegg has become so close to Cameron that the question which needs to be asked is: have they become so close that Clegg fails to oppose Cameron’s policies and blurred the line between Liberal Democrats and the Tories?

Tuition fees increase, high job losses, benefit cuts, social housing rights changed – all supported by Clegg. A true man of the progressive left would stand firm by his convictions. But Clegg has seemingly abandoned his progressive principles and his friendship with Cameron continues to blossom and the expense of progressive policies and the Lid Dem reputation.


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