Libya crisis exposes amateur UK leadership

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have spent the last few months trying to convince people that they are the right people to lead the UK. But the crisis in Libya has exposed an amateurish leadership, desperate for power but unable to deliver as true statesmen.

As the crisis in Libya was developing, Nick Clegg was taking a holiday in Switzerland. I’m glad inflation and VAT isn’t affecting the lifestyle of Mr Clegg. But with David Cameron out of the country, Clegg’s holiday was interrupted after being called back to the UK to run the country. When the fact the he was now in charge was pointed out to Mr Clegg, he replied “Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that.”

Whilst the deputy Prime Minister was bumbling around Westminster, his boss David Cameron was sauntering around the Middle East with arms dealers at the same time Gaddafi was oppressing his own people with violence.

And as violence increased, it fell to the responsibility of the coalition to safely evacuate UK citizens within Libya. But whilst the Germans, French and Turkish managed to quickly evacuate their people, the UK coalition left citizens stranded.

The response to the Libya crisis has been blundering and amateurish from the UK government. It has highlighted two men who struggle when under pressure, has exposed their flaws and made Cameron and Clegg look like two boys playing at politics. They need to wake up.


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