Distasteful, insensitive Rally Against Debt

On May 14, a march will be held in London by pro-cut supporters called Rally Against Debt.

Whilst I respect the views people have on how to reduce the deficit, I believe this will be a distasteful and insensitive march especially given that it is openly supported by Conservative MP’s such as Daniel Hannan and because it is a march in support of current, fixed government policy which the coalition have no intention of changing.

There are many people in this country who’s lives are going to be badly affected by government cuts. The last thing those people need are the wealthy, the privileged, television personalities and politicians kicking them while they’re down. The right wing of UK politics have got their way, the cuts are happening. This event will only serve to rub those cuts in the faces of those very badly affected.


10 thoughts on “Distasteful, insensitive Rally Against Debt

  1. Soapbox Labour says:

    The blog isn’t about the cuts. The cuts are happening.

    There will be people who’s lives are going to be adversely affected by those cuts. The theme is the sensitivity with which the cuts are put in place.

    This march strikes me as insensitive and completely unnecessary.

    *Euro MP*

  2. It is a Rally Against the Debt that this government is not tackling. It is immoral to give our children our burdens. It is a question of inter-generational justice.

  3. guy says:

    I think you’ve missed the point. This is a rally not in support of the present Government, but in opposition, by people who think we ought to have some significant cuts in the size of government, not the decorous trimming offered at the moment.

  4. Soapbox Labour says:

    The march is about further cuts – oh, you should have said and I would have wrote a blog in support!

    You need to realise that cuts are not popular at any time. To march in support of cuts and further cuts only serves to make those marching look out of touch.

    It isn’t only individuals who are being affected, but services such as police, NHS, voluntary organisations and so on who will be looking on and not connecting with your philosophies.

  5. Byrnsweord says:

    With the greatest respect, who cares as to whether cuts are popular or not? That’s not the issue. The issue is the fact that we’re borrowing £400m every single day – not sustainable by any rate.

    And while I agree that people will be affected by the ‘cuts’, what about everyone who will be profoundly affected by the enormous debt? What about those who realise that they cannot continue to fund national life like this? What about those who are tired of the state infantilising us by encroaching further and further into our lives?

  6. JB says:

    the current government is not even cutting overall spending. they are reducing the rate of increase. we need actual progress on deficit reduction and we need to reduce the tax burden of everyone.

  7. jackofspades says:

    My god – shitbox you are an idiot. The interest paid on the massive debt that one eyed scottish retard left us could be used to actually improve our country.. Instead of going to hedge funds, bankers etc. For socialism read fascism.

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