A fish & chip speech by Cameron

The big news today is that David Cameron has made a speech on immigration which has been opposed by Vince Cable.

Thursday morning spat wont give disgruntled Lib Dems or Conservatives cause for comfort

The speech is basically the same rhetoric spoken by Cameron before the general election last spring. And therein lies the reason it will have no bearing on upcoming elections and neither will it have any bearing on relations within the coalition.

The general election saw Labour and Liberal Democrat immigration policies receive 52% support compared to 36% support for Cameron’s immigration policy. He failed to win majority support then and highly likely he’ll fail to gain much support now from those who didn’t vote Conservative in the general election.

His speech today was nothing more than a rally call for core Tory votes. And as far as the coalition goes, the problems run a lot deeper and are more complex than a Thursday morning spat between Cable and Cameron on immigration. Unless Cable decides to ‘go nuclear’, it will be a day in the life of the coalition worthy only of tomorrows fish and chip wrappings.


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