Class systems, elitism, nepotism. I give you – the monarchy

Oh how the bitter socialists on the Left seem unable to release themselves from the disdain they feel towards those unworthy, contemptible royals. The royal family represent Britain. They are our history, they should be celebrated. The royal wedding was a day of celebration for Britain.

Come on! There’s nothing like a royal wedding to show why we need to move away from a hereditary head of state.

The ceremony highlighted and epitomised the class system, elitism and nepotism which runs rife within Britain. As a nation, we often shy away from talking about the divisions which still exist. But yesterday, we celebrated it.

It’s difficult not to sound like a party pooper. I genuinely wish William and Kate best wishes as I do for all couples who marry. But we shouldn’t allow the glamour and hysteria to hide the reality that a hereditary head of state is out of date and has no place in a modern democracy.

What evidence is there to suggest a monarchy doesn’t work in 2011? I call the evidence Constitutional monarchies, which we of course have in Britain.

It essentially means the monarchy still exists as a nod to the past but possesses no real power. A constitutional monarchy is a history we find difficult to let go of but know, deep down, that monarchies and hereditary heads of state just don’t work. We have a better system in place in 2011 known as democracy.

And if the Queen cannot use her powers, what is the point of a royal family and their costs?

The monarchy has served it’s purpose and we should move on completely. We are now a democracy. It’s like using a washboard when you can use a washing machine. It’s how we do things in the 21st century.


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