Blue Labour lacks clarity

Clarity – the most important aspect of announcing policy to the public. Your policies must more or less immediately resonate with people so they are left with a very clear understanding of what you stand for. So when people want to see red but are being offered the chance of red mixed with blue, it takes longer to understand what is on offer. Many simply wont know what the new colour is.

Labels don't resonate with voters

And this is the problem with Labour’s new strategy, Blue Labour. A strategy derived within the back rooms of Labour offices by intellectuals who have over-thought and over-intellectualised how to communicate to disenchanted Labour voters who have abandoned the party in favour of Cameron’s Blues and a strategy to outline how to take Labour forward.

I give you the link above to help you understand what Blue Labour is, but it makes Blue Labour thinking even more confusing. If it is a strategy in strengthening the foundations which Labour are built on, why introduce the traditional Tory colour of blue? If it’s an attempt to bring back voters to Labour, the jargon of a party seemingly indulging in the exploration of their own intellect will surely be enough to keep them away.

The Big Society and Alarm Clock Britain are two very good recent examples of how to confuse voters by attaching ambiguous titles to policy ideas. I feel Labour are heading in the same direction labelling what is essentially a simple strategy. It’s a label which also confuses voters who have stayed with Labour.

It lacks clarity. It raises more questions than answers about the direction Labour are going in. It’s a label which results in you having to look at the detail to find out what it means. It turns a strategy which is clear into confusion. It blurs the line between Labour and Conservative. It doesn’t resonate – people will not be talking about Blue Labour on the street.

The voters Labour are trying to reach out to aren’t inherently Tory. They want to be red. Those people and those who have stayed with Labour just want to know where the party are going – without the fancy labels.


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