Reasons to be cheerful

Well, not a lot going on in the world of UK politics right now. Dave’s in Tuscany staying in a villa we are not all in together which, for a weeks relaxation, costs about the same as the yearly wage of a supermarket worker. Ed’s hoping a nose op will bring him some clarity, though bringing his brother back into the spotlight will undoubtedly create a media frenzy about ‘the real winner’. Yada yada yada.

In recent months, there has been much pessimism surrounding the younger of the Milbands and, I think, justifiably so.

A lack of support for the union strikes at the same time being photographed having a laugh with Dave and Nick was a low. And a speech on disability which could have been written by the Prime Minister came as a shock.

After a nose op, will Ed finally be heard?

However, the Labour leader has had a great few weeks. His stance on phone hacking showed leadership we should have had from David Cameron.

So I thought I’d just quickly write about reasons to be cheerful for Labour and Ed.

Since the phone hacking scandal, Ed’s approval rating has risen +19%. Still on -15, but much better and, for the first time, ahead of Cameron (-16).

The recent daily polls from YouGov are showing the Tories consistently on around 36% support. One recently showing 35% – less than the support they received in the general election. David Cameron’s policies are not improving his popularity which was already low and failed to win him the majority the Conservatives badly wanted.

On the other hand, the last YouGov poll showed Labour are up +15% on the support they received in the general election. This despite much criticism of Ed M and Labour.

If there was an election tomorrow, all indications point to a Labour win with a very comfortable majority.

Dave's on the ropes, but can Labour do enough long term damage to his reputation?

And on the economy the two Ed’s call for plan B is now being discussed more and more – even within the coalition itself with Cable and Boris both suggesting Osborne looks at alternatives to grow the economy.

Labour are, in reality, where every political party in the UK wants to be. Other than in power, of course.

And the strategy ahead is clear. Aggressively pursue coalition economic failings on lack of growth, press Cameron on what was discussed in meetings with News International and hit hard on recent failings in the NHS.

So whether you’re sipping Pims in a Tuscany villa this summer or booking that B & B you always stay at, there are reasons to be cheerful about the state of Labour. Cheers!


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