Labels for society from leaders is so ‘not thinking politics’

‘Me first culture’. The latest description of society from one of our political leaders. This one’s from our very own Ed.

Nick Clegg dreamt up 'alarm clock Britain' but left people confused

I ask them – please stop.

These short, quick labels for society (probably thought up over a quick coffee) are generalising and ambiguous, leaving only confusion about what politicians mean.

‘Me first culture’ comes after ‘the big society’ from David Cameron and ‘broken Britain’ (David Cameron). ‘Alarm clock Britain’ was dreamt up by Nick Clegg who sleepwalked into criticism. Ed Miliband’s ‘Squeezed middle’ lacked real meaning for political commentators. And after the riots, Nick Clegg came up with ‘smash and grab society’.

Politicians need to make sure they remember a key aspect of politics – clarity in communication.


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