Clowning Clarkson lacks judgment

It was a stupid ‘joke’ which showed his opposition to strikers. It was a ‘joke’ which showed a lack of understanding or respect for hard workers in the public sector. But it was typical Clarkson.

Photo: Ed Perchick

For me, the most offensive comments were “the rest of us work for a living”, “do I know anyone in public service? Of course not” and telling strikers they should remember we’re in tough times.

For this, I think he should feel ashamed. These are the people who pay the license fee which pays for his vast Top Gear salary, who watch his shows, who buy his DVD’s, his books and who read his newspaper articles.

He’s out of touch. He’s attacking those who give him a career. A BBC journalist should know better and show better judgment.

And whilst we are indeed living in tough times, Jeremy Clarkson has, I’m sure, negotiated many contracts during his career to make sure he’s paid what he feels he’s worth.

It will be up to the BBC if they feel they can continue to give a platform to someone who makes inappropriate ‘jokes’, offensive comments and whether he has become an embarrassment to them.

He may have indeed also become an embarrassment to his friend, David Cameron.

Maybe Mr Clarkson should stick to talking about cars. He used to be good at that.


2 thoughts on “Clowning Clarkson lacks judgment

  1. Used to be good at that…….. he ony has ever been an overpaid, rude, oafish lout who has done nothing and possesses no discernible talent to justify the “earnings” – hardly the right word- that he receives.

  2. He’s a nothing but a parody or lampoon of a misogynistic, xenophobic, conceited prick. Some people like that kind of thing, and find it funny – hence his popularity and command of a nice big pay packet via BBC license payers… Just as people will carry on buying tabloids despite dodgy practices and being full of tittle tattle and sensationalism, people will carry on liking Clarkson.

    But, it was a just a joke. An unfunny joke, a childish joke, but it was just a joke. The problem here perhaps lies in the BBC’s business model of using the threat of imprisonment to extract license fees and the moral responsibility that entails with regard to the the behaviour of those who are in payment of the BBC. BBC employees really ought to be a bit more grown up and know where the boundaries might lie, but then again the BBC pays Clarkson an awful lot of money to act like a child in Top Gear – so one could argue that he’s only responding to the incentives he’s given to play up to the moronic persona.

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