JSA Plus Expenses

There has been an outcry on twitter this morning after stories emerging of the Governments’ ‘Work Experience Scheme’ and job adverts such as this Tesco ad which offers JSA + expenses.

The governments' back to work schemes face challenges under the Human Rights Act

The scheme has actually been around for a while now, over a year in fact. And the government do a good job of making it sound like a good idea, as you can read here.

However, over a year on, the reality is proving very different.

In November of last year, the Guardian reported how young people are being forced into eight week work placements for no wages in some of the UK’s most well known companies or face losing their JSA. The paper also reported that legal action is being taken under the Human Rights Act against another government scheme known as ‘Mandatory Work Activity’.

Since it’s inception, Waterstones and Sainsbury’s have both pulled out of the minimum wage exempt work experience scheme.

Last Friday, the Guardian also reported how Unions are calling for the government to end such schemes, including the Community Action Programme which forces long term unemployed into six months of unpaid work.


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