Dave’s snobbish PR blunder

David Cameron described attacks on money makers as “snobbish” and defended business as a positive part of society in a speech today which could prove to be a PR blunder.

We are living in a time of real anger and frustration, with people standing up against unfairness in society. Attacks against parts of capitalism are not snobbish, but standing up for fairness and David Cameron is showing how detached he is from society by failing to recognise the difference.

Attacking those who feel parts of capitalism are unfair could alienate Cameron

This comes on the day RBS announce £2bn losses yet will hand out £785m in bonuses. Cameron chose this day to attack those who are critical of this type of capitalism yet not a word against the bankers.

The PM now seems to be willing to take on those who criticise the parts of capitalism with creating injustice and imbalance in society. It’s a dangerous tactic as there is a feeling that things need to change yet Cameron seems happy to defend the status quo. With an image of a privileged man who doesn’t understand ordinary people, he’s now in danger of alienating himself further from large parts of the UK.


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