Why Workfare doesn’t work

Workfare isn’t fair, it contravenes the Human Rights Act and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Workfare is partly voluntary. However, if you pull out after a week, you lose benefits effectively making it forced work with no pay. And with the schemes only paying expenses, Workfare is minimum wage exempt. As much as it may sound desirable to some to get people back into the workplace in this way, allowing governments to have this much power sets a dangerous and unacceptable precedent for everyone.

Companies may look to benefit from unpaid employees. Some may see it as a way of increasing the staff numbers but not increasing the wage bill. Many may want to genuinely help young people, but the workfare system is open to this type of abuse from very large, very wealthy companies.

With so many companies pulling out of Workfare, it must send a clear message that something isn’t working.


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