Police privatisation – your thoughts

Under new plans, private companies may be able to investigate crimes, patrol neighbourhoods, detain suspects, run and build police stations (Guardian, read more).

Proposals are the beginning of privatising the police

It raises some big concerns.

How will private companies approach investigations? How will they approach detaining suspects? Are results driven by money? How will they be accountable? Who will be accountable? What details will private companies hold of people and who will have access to it?

Your initial thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Police privatisation – your thoughts

  1. pete jackson says:

    how will the public recognise them and ‘accept’ their authority to arrest and detain..?

    The wider implications..if the Govt can afford to pay for private police, why can’t they afford to keep regular police in jobs ?

    Will the private Police be a seperate State Militia, as per Egypt, Lybia, Syria etc..this has a very eerie feeling 1930’s Germany. The Govt know trouble is brewing with more and more people opposed to the extremist right wing policies and laws, the attack on the poor, weak, disabled, sick at the expense of the millionaires and 50% tax brigade..so is this in anticipation of expectation of riots and protests ?

    Very worried about where we are being led by this Govt/Coalition..

  2. Orbital rolls
    I’ve been beaten to it above, wanted to say the same, why make the huge police cuts if they then spend out on private policing…….plenty of money floating about for the olympics but our personal safety seems to take a back seat
    My intial thoughts are NO, too many drawbacks and risks – to us. Another bright idea from our horse riding PM I assume.

  3. Soapbox L says:

    Hi Pete and Judith. Yes, a great point.

    I also think the idea of governments giving power to essentially civilians to detain/access personal information/turn up at people’s front doors will worry a lot of people.

    Motive is a big one too, with companies operating for profit and self gain rather than genuine public service.

  4. Keiran says:

    What measures will ensure investigating officers have no criminal backgrounds?
    What happens if the company undertakes criminal activities? How is conflict of interests avoided – company officers may form inappropriately close relationships with police officers…
    What happens when a sister company or staff of a sister company carry out illegal activities requiring investigation and how do we ensure there is sufficient avoidance of conflicted interests in such cases?
    If a company director or employee breaks the law who investigates the allegations, and how is that decided? How is the fear of allegations being improperly investigated avoided?

    I.e. trust is a fundamental pillar in law enforcement, I will never trust a private organisation to carry out law enforcement, how will they deal with that catastrophic lack of trust?

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