The scandal of ‘fit to work’ tests

Anyone who has read the story of Karen Sherlock at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger blog will be sickened and appalled at the treatment of her by the DWP.

Karen sadly passed away on Friday after a cardiac arrest.

Karen had failing kidneys and was passed fit to work and had only months before her Employment and Support Allowance was taken away which led to her living her last few months in fear and battling the DWP.

I’m hoping that people will tweet and contact Ed Miliband and other Labour MP’s to raise awareness and highlight the distress caused by the new back to work tests implemented by this government. Please copy and paste to twitter:

@Ed_Miliband Please read and please do something about #ESA Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The scandal of ‘fit to work’ tests

  1. Why would Ed Miliband and other Labour MPs care? – the work capacity testing regime was their creation, they still believe it to be popular with “middle England”, and they would not do anything different if they were elected tomorrow. The Labour Party are just Thatcherites with red rosettes.

  2. Soapbox L says:

    I would like to think not Tim. But I’d certainly be equally as critical of Labour if they continued these tests

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