Cameron’s image problem is now the Tories problem and his future is surely in doubt

Today we saw yet more embarrassment for David Cameron as the Leveson Inquiry heard how Rebekah Brooks texted to the Tory leader before the general election “We’re all in this together. Yes we Cam!”

This comes after the drawn out drama with Jeremy Hunt, a botched budget, cash for policy and Andy Coulson.

Cameron is becoming a huge problem for the Tories. Photo:

As a result, David Cameron has gradually sleepwalked into becoming the biggest problem for the Conservatives. His judgment and policies have led to an image problem which is becoming a problem for the Tories and questions must surely be being asked by his colleagues as to whether the man who failed to win a majority at the last election has the ability to win the next election.

Consequently, there must now be serious doubts about the future of David Cameron as Prime Minister and whether his own party have confidence in him to lead the coalition and the country.

Don’t be surprised to hear some very disillusioned Tory MP’s in the coming months. Watch this space.


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