IDS: encourage or not to encourage?

After yesterdays comments regarding pensioner’s benefits from Iain Duncan Smith, it seems he’s had a change of heart or perhaps even a loss of memory.


Photo: Brian Minkoff

For an interview in the Sunday Telegraph, the work and pensions secretary was asked about benefit payments to wealthy pensioners. Duncan Smith, who earns over £130,000 from his government job, lives in a £2 million home and is reported to have claimed expenses for expensive breakfasts, suggested welathier pensioners could pay their benefits back, quoted as saying: “It is up to them, if they don’t want it, to hand it back. I would encourage everybody who reads the Telegraph and doesn’t need it, to hand it back.”

However, what a difference a day makes. This morning during an interview with the BBC, Mr Duncan Smith said on whether pensioners should hand back their benefits: “I’m neither encouraging or discouraging them”.


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