If you thought the Tories were out of touch…..

Tories looking increasingly out of touch. Photo: number10.gov.uk

Tories looking increasingly out of touch.
Photo: number10.gov.uk

During a time of increasing unemployment and people still struggling to pay the bills, you’d think that sorting this problem would be the priority of the Conservatives.

However, the reality is somewehat different.

Yesterday, grassroot Conservatives made a special trip to Downing Street to deliver a letter to David Cameron. The letter, signed by current and former local party chairmen, was not to urge Cameron to change his economic policy which is adversely affecting people throughout the country. It wasn’t to highlight that more and more people are being forced to use foodbanks. No, the priority for this group of Conservative campaigners was to tell their leader to abandon support for same sex marriage.

Perhaps then we might see Cameron’s backbenchers and cabinet members make living standards the priority for this government. Er, no. Because Tory MP’s have decided that they want to immerse themselves in a self obsessed, self indulgent row over EU membership.

The economic problems the country faces have found the Tories out. With people still struggling to meet the financial demands of everyday living, rather than looking outwards to address the problems people face, the Conservatives have decided to look inwards to address their own ideologies. This has resulted in a party which looks distant from the everyday problems people face. Furthermore, the Tories look more divided than ever with PM who looks too weak to even keep his own party together.

Consequently, this raises questions about the future for the Tories. A party with members who want to focus on a same sex marriage u-turn rather than jobs. A party which wants to talk about the EU rather than poverty. A party so divided that some are talking about a pact with Ukip. A party who’s divisions fail to inspire confidence and a party which is looking increasingly out of touch with the majority of the country.


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