The inevitable pull into the Eurozone

This week, EU leaders avoided the collapse of the Euro with a deal which, in the short term at least, has steadied the ship. But it is also a deal which could change the EU forever and raise more questions over the economic and political future of the European Union and, therefore, the United Kingdom.

The Euro economic crisis or rather the direction the member states who use the Euro are taking to solve the problem is going to be the catalyst for the change in fiscal and political union within the EU which many have wanted and, likewise, many have feared.

It is widely agreed that the future of the Euro will mean closer fiscal union for countries who adopted the Euro. Closer fiscal union between the Eurozone means those not in the Euro being left out in the cold. That means eventually the UK becoming part of the Eurozone.

Like it or not, it is not so much a matter of choice any more, but an unstoppable and inevitable pull into the Euro.

The EU is changing. It is progressing forward with the desire for closer union. I believe it is inevitable that the UK will, eventually, be the heart of that change.